Saturday, December 6, 2008

Ava Lee

A very dear and long time friend, celebrated her birthday this past Monday...

We have know each other since Kindergarten!
Yes, that's right, for 42 years we have been friends.

We lived very near one another when we were 5 years of age. Jacque moved after Kindergarten into a more rural area, which then meant we no longer would attend the same school...
We did however reconnect in our Middle School years, we spent a lot of time together during those years, then when the boyfriends started and other interests and activities, our time together w
as less, but she was always considered a very good friend to me...

I remember the day my father passed away, the start of our Senior year in High School, she was right there for me...Only as a good and true friend would be. Something I have never forgotten and hope I never shall...

Jacque is the Mother of Four and recently was blessed with her first grandchild, a beautiful granddaughter, Ava Lee.

I took a picture Jacque had posted of Ava and did some minor adjustments to the background, purchased a frame I felt J would like displ
aying her beautiful Ava and sent it off for her Birthday...

I received the call on Thursday from J, one of pure excitement and gratitude for giving her such a beautiful gift...

The photos below are Ava and my dear friend, Jacque as a baby...
You certainly can see they are Grandmo
ther and Granddaughter!!

Happy Birthday, Jacque....!!!


  1. Ava is adorable and what a nice and thoughtful gift you gave your friend.
    I have one of those friends too. We have been friends all our lives. Our parents knew each other. She has been more like a sister than a friend.
    We should all be so lucky to have such a friend.

  2. What a beautiful and heartfelt gift. The baby pictures are adorable! How sweet! =o)


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