Friday, December 12, 2008

My Dear Aunt Sally........

I recently received this Family Picture from Myrtle Beach, SC of my Dear Aunt Sally, Uncle Jim, my cousin's, Todd and Shane, Todd's wife, Shannon and Granddaughter, Peyton....

My Aunt and Uncle Retired to Myrtle Beach several years ago, leaving Pennsylvania behind, but not forgotten..
Their son's are both Teachers who followed them South...And they thought they were getting away from it ALL...??!!

This is a very special Holiday for my Dear Aunt Sally. She was diagnosed two years ago with Lymphoma. She had a horrific past two years of powerful Chemo Therapy treatments, causing many side effects to the point of total debilitation...

With a very strong will to live, she over came the illness that once had invaded her body and reduced her to 94 pounds with little or no strength to lift her head from a pillow...

She is currently free of the toxic illness, has gained most of her weight back, resumed her "exerzise" class, has that spark again in her eyes, a chipper voice along with her very boisterous laughter, All which have always defined
that one and Only,
Dear Aunt Sally..

Happy Holidays and A Blessed New Year
To My
Dear Aunt Sally, Uncle Jim and Family

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