Wednesday, December 17, 2008

The Stockings Were Hung By The Chimey With Care.....St Nicolas would soon be there??

Here they are..!!

The Handmade Christmas Stockings....

The picture shown was taken at the home of my Oldest Brother, Mike and his wife Trina.
They have six children ranging between ages 25 all the way down to 20 months....
My Sister In Law was so sweet for providing this picture for me...!

As I have mentioned in other posts, I did not decorate my home this year with all my usual Christmas Decor because of traveling to TX during the Holiday Season.

My Mother started this Family Tradition many years ago. As soon as a wedding or new birth was welcomed into our family, her first priority was a
Christmas Stocking!

Notice how some stockings are more "stretched" than others....!!??
My mother is to blame!!
She would fill those stockings so dang full of "stuff" you wondered how she got it all in there. But No one ever complained, we waited even as an adult with anticipation to see what "goodies" filled our Stocking.
My Mother LOVED Christmas, always on the search for those personal gifts for each of her children and Grandchildren that defined our own personality and likes....

If one is given a stocking as a Gift, your Friendship is thought to be An Honor and very special to the person in my Family who chose to give....And with that in mind, you have to pass the question "Would Mother Approve??" And that was no easy task, mind you..!!
Mother was friends with lots and many different people, she was liked and loved by almost everyone and anyone who knew her, but she did have her own set rules and guidelines when it came to the
Christmas Stocking....!

My oldest Niece is planning her wedding for next March. Soon time to get those knitting needles out. And, Yes "Granny" would approve!!

BTW...Happy Birthday, Nicki!!


  1. I still have a stocking and I love to find things in it! Cute post!

  2. Boy,..those are real treasures! And the memories! I love it!

  3. hey...I jsut saw your little picture of the mouse...lord bless my online friends...can I have one? That is adorable!

  4. Christine...Yes, please feel free to copy my little mouse...!!


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