Friday, December 19, 2008

George Washington Slept Here.......??

This Historical Restaurant is located in Brickerville, between my Home Town of Lititz and my current home in Myerstown, PA

The Old Beautiful Building dating back to 1753 sits at the corner of a very busy intersection where two State Roads connect.
Routes 322 East/West and 501 North/South

This originally was a Tavern and Stage Coach stop, with much speculation that Mr. George Washington himself stayed here on one of his many travels from Philadelphia to Washington, DC.

I remember this being a Gas Station at one time. After several years of no operation, it was purchased and put back into operation as a Restaurant with Specialty Shops on the premises creating a Court Yard of Fine and Unique Treasures.
A few of the shops I enjoy browsing through....

The Restaurant was recently sold with some minor changes made. Prior to this recent change in ownership, it served mainly has a Lunch Cafe with the best Salads, homemade soups, Sandwiches so full with meat you could order just a half of a sandwich
and the Best Chocolate Cake with PB Icing....
With the recent renovations, what was once a Gift Shop is now a part of the restaurant with a gorgeous bar and booths for dinning.
The old structure of the original building remains the same. The Floor is the original old wood flooring, as are the walls and the windows with the deep windowsills...

My husband and I recently had Breakfast and Dinner in this Historical Building.
I am happy to report the food is Excellent...
It now serves a full menu of Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner.
The selections range from a Breakfast Sandwich to a Full Hungry Mans meal for Breakfast, Soup and Salad to a full entree for Lunch and for Dinner your choice can also be a Soup and Salad, a Hot/Cold Sandwich to a delicious Seafood or Greek Entree.

The area we had dined in for Dinner, is an open area to the outside walls from the original main part of the building, enclosed with huge glass windows over looking the Court Yard of Specialty shops....

The pictures are taken from our table looking into the original area of the building.
I loved the decor of this door frame.
The piece above the door is an old bed board turned upside down...
It was so Primitive and just so creative. In my excited voice as I was Ewwing and Awwing, I got the look of, NO we are NOT doing that in our home..!!

I love Old Historical Eateries such as this and it's even more pleasurable when the location is so close to home....

Happy Friday and Get Ya some Good Eats...!


  1. I can't wait to check it out! We will have to do lunch there or maybe even breakfast sometime soon.

  2. Where hasn't George Washington slept!? :-)

    Sounds like a great place to visit and what a great idea to put the old bed board over the door like that.

  3. Laurie, Yes. Soon!!

    Happy, the place is awesome...If you come to my area, we can meet for lunch there!

  4. I am happy to know this is back and I love Country Clothes(as does my Mom) I remember years ago they were the only shop in the rea to sell my favorite Dean sweaters.
    Thanks for the review.


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