Saturday, January 28, 2012

Double Chocolate Chip Bars

 Here is a very Easy Peasy Recipe for Double Chocolate Chip Bars...

 I first lined a square baking pan with Parchment Paper and spray the top and sides of the paper with cooking spray.  Make sure you leave paper hanging over the sides for easy "lift out" after baking...

 I always have pre-made cookie mix on hand.  I never know when the mood or taste buds will be screaming for some gooey goodness..!

I followed the directions on the package of the cookie mix and placed 3/4 of the mix on the bottom of the cake pan. Then I Generously layered the chocolate chips on top of the first layer of mix and topped with the remaining of the cookie you can see I did not skimp on the chocolate chips:)

After baking for approx 25 mins on 375 degrees...I let the baked bars cool slightly and then lifted them carefully out of the pan with the parchment paper.  After they set for a few more minutes I cut them into small bars.  You can see how nice the sides baked with the pan lined with the parchment paper.  No hard or over baked sides.  Just Lovely..!!

 I had to try a piece...!  Every good baker tastes their food, right!!?

It was so easy to cut into bars. I lined the pan with plastic wrap, gently placing each bar back into the clean pan.  I was able to get two rows of bars, placing another piece of plastic wrap on the top of the first row and then placed the second row on top of the bottom row.
Securely wrapped the top row and placed the lid on the pan. 

And so good!

Enjoy your week-end, friends!


  1. Oh mouth is watering. Just picked up a package of chocolate chip cookie mix at the store. Just might have to try these this weekend. Thanks for sharing!

  2. If you like chocolate...this recipe is one for quick and easy, and's chocolate!! Let me know, Holly how they turn out for you...! Enjoy your Sunday and week a head..Hugs,


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