Sunday, January 8, 2012

Final Hershey Cake Contest

And The Winner Is...

There were 75 cakes to be judged...
That's a lotta chocolate cake!

Listed below are the top 5 winning cakes at the PA State Farm Show...
My cake was tasted twice by the judges, however did not make the final cut. My thoughts are, I lost points on presentation.  When I decided to enter this at the Local Level, It really was on a whim and I learned more complete protocol after the fact.  Next year if I decide to enter, (I'm already brain storming presentation) I will be more prepared. 

First place winner

2nd Place

3rd Place

4th Place

5th place

My cake
 YES...My name is spelled incorrectly!
Not sure how that happened, all was correct on my submitted forms.

My cake being judged

This truly has been a great experience..!

Congratulations to the Final Winners...!!


  1. K, I loved the pictures but I am sorry and I am not saying this because you are my friend, your cake that I saw was 10 times better looking than waht I just say...just saying

    You are a winner just the fact you were able to go to this, how awesome is that.

    Oh I forgot in your email yu wrote that you and your friends MET BUDDY! WOOOHOOO, I watch his show and how he bake with he fater and to this day Buddy misses him and Ken and I are watching the second season of cake boss the best baker.

    You were so lucky, Ken was gonig to drive me to Buddy shop and we were going to get of course some goodies and sight see, but with buddies now 2 T.V. shows and they expanded their business there would be no chance we would see him, but may his funny sister's. I would love that too. I would ask PLEASE could I have a picutre of me and all of you, because I just love the show.

    K you are the #1 baker to us here in Hopkinton and in your town too.
    Hugs and I am proud of you,

  2. Congrats on making it to the state. My step-daughter entered that competition at our local fair this year, she didn't win, but I think she will try again next year. I so wanted to go to the State Farm Show but we will be in Hershey next week for the State Fair Convention and could not do both this year. Some year I am going to make it! Your blog is so makes me hungry!


  3. Cathy....thanks for visiting my blog and your kind words! Tell your step-daughter to not give up! It's a great experience, at the State Level while the judges are doing their thing, trivia is played ( prizes given) with those waiting patiently for the winners to be announced. So many great people involved and you appreciate the hard work that goes into such an event!! Have a great Week..!


Thanks for the visit....! I encourage and look forward to your thoughts and comments. Many Blessings...K

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