Monday, January 23, 2012

How We Choose To Remember.....

I'm sure at this time of reading my post you or many of you have learned of Joe Paterno's passing.
I'm not going to list all the reasons or why JoePa should be remembered.
I will share with you a Tribute my Cousin posted after learning of his death.

"Sad, Sad day. I feel like I lost a member of my family. Joe Pa wasn't just the coach of my favorite team, he was my coach. He taught me how to be a coach and what the top priorities in coaching should be; family, academics, honesty, humility. I made the comment to my friend, Jamie Belk the other week that he wouldn't last 6 months after he lost his job. Sad that I was right. Truly sad that Landon will never see him walk the Sideline. Says something about a football coach who has a library named after him. Hope he is remembered for his positive contributions and not the actions of another man." -Todd Stokes
A little back ground on Todd... 
Todd has his Masters in Education, he has been the football and wrestling coach for the district in which he teaches for several years.  Todd has also been voted and awarded the "Best Coach" within his coaching league.  Last week Todd and his wife celebrated the birth of their second child, a son Landon.  
I know I can speak for many within our family, we agree with Todd's choice of words for JoePa.
May his family find peace and surround themselves with the love of so many who give their love and support.  God Bless the Paterno Family......

Have a great week friends and find your inner Joy and walk in His Love......

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