Friday, January 20, 2012

Take That, January....!

January is quickly coming to a close for 2012 and I will share I am not sad to see it leave.  We're only now getting cold temperatures and snow in the forecast for this weekend here in PA.  I am not a fan of the white stuff any more, only if I can stay put sitting by a roaring fire.  I'm hoping for an early Spring!

There has been so much going on and then as I reflect back on all the happenings,
it really is just the busyness of life.
This past week was here and gone within a blink of an eye, busy with the Salon along with the every day activities and chores in need of being done.  The highs of the week have been talking with a new blogger friend, a new birth and completing over due "catch up" around the house from the Holidays.  The lows, an illness with a family member that seems to be taking set-backs rather than forward and conquer..after several days of reiterating and focusing on the issues some progress has been made and hoping for a positive prognosis and continuing to move forward. Also a death this past week with services arranged for tomorrow which includes a snow storm.. And my Steelers wont be playing in the Super Bowl!

After a long and mentally exhausted week I'm looking forward to relaxing most of the weekend, I do have a batch of my Lemon Cookies to bake per special request for someone very special, which will be baked and delivered also sometime this weekend.

So my friends, January can close with a swift kick in the behind and it wouldn't make me sad at all..!
How many more days til Spring..!??

Thanks for stopping by...!
Hugs my Friends,


  1. Hey K, I feel the same way about the cold temps., but we are set and warm and cozy with our wood stove going.It is already snowing, they said "the weather people" it wouldn't start until around noon well I just looked out the window and it is almost 8:00 am and you guessed it it is SNOWING!
    They said 4 to 6 inches, who know's all I am happy about is that everyone is home safe and warm.
    BRING on the SNOW!
    Tomorrow however our Patriots are playing and I hope they win and go to the Superbowl. I love football and being with my Hubby and sons!
    LEMON cookies did I read, your friend is going to LOVE them!.She is going to be addicted to them so you might want to make 2 dozen,LOL!!!!
    Have a warm and safe day my friend.

  2. I'm with you. I am ready to see January go as well. Hope you can relax and have a good weekend!

  3. Hey Ladies...thanks for stopping by! Busy day in this nasty weather. Now it's time for some RnR and baking later. Yes, Trish.....I'm thinking some of those Lemon Cookies for the baker, too:) Hugs...K


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