Monday, January 16, 2012

A Little On Top, Please...
That's....a little bit of Rich and Creamy Butter!

This sculpture was created for and displayed at this year's 100th PA Farm Show Anniversary.  The case protecting this beautiful work of art which was created with over 1000 pounds of sweet butter, was displayed in the Main Hall of the Farm Show Complex.  The Main Hall also happened to be the same area for the Hershey Chocolate Cake Contest I entered...(few posts below)
I was able to get some very clear pictures of the sculpture and wanted to share with you all..!
The Sculpture depicts a 4-H member and his calf with a fair queen presenting
the young person with a ribbon.

 The sculpture really was a sight to see...! 
And How About All That BUTTER..!!?
All that butter sure would make a lotta Cake and Icing...! 

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  1. That sculpture is some more piece of art. And it is done beautifully. So glad you shared it with us. And I was sorry to hear about the owner of Cracker Barrel. We too look for those resturants when traveling. In fact that is the very first place we had dinner when we got here. Mr. P's favorite place to eat and get his veggies. I hope it won't change the resturants. You have a great evening

  2. Love Cracker Barrel..! Thanks for stopping by, Angela..!

  3. The sculptures of butter is amazing, Paula Deen LOVES butter,
    She would love this for sure, LOL!

  4. Hey Tricia....I Love Butter, moderation which can be so hard Now that I'm on that "other" side of Fabulous 50 I have to watch the caloric even more..! Have a great day, my friend! Hugs...K


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