Friday, January 6, 2012

Round Two with the Hershey Cake...

 Today was registration from 3-5pm at the Harrisburg Farm Show Complex for the Hershey Cake Competition.  Tomorrow is the official start of the Farm Show with additional registration starting at 8am to 11am.  Judging starts at 2:30pm for the chocolate cake lasting approximately two hours.  I was hoping I would be able to register today and not have to worry about being there on time with the traffic and rush of people.  Fortunately it worked out and I was able to accomplish registration this afternoon. 
My cake number is 7.   

After registration was complete I was handed the bag below filled with some Goodies from Hershey Corporation.  Inside was a White Apron, a very nice set of metal measuring spoons, a small cake spatula, Hershey's Cocoa and Hershey's Semi-Sweet Morsels...

I'm really lovin this Apron...! 

Measuring Spoons and Cake Spatula
The set of Measuring Spoons are very good quality as well as the Cake Spatula..!!

This has been such a great experience! And I am anxious to see all the cakes tomorrow that are already WINNERS..!



  1. Such great goodies from Hershey. You are a WINNER already. That cake makes my mouth water!! Looks simply delicious. Have fun and good luck tomorrow.

  2. WOOOHOO,K, the cake LOOKS AMAZING and looks YUMMY! It is a beautiful cake.
    I will be thinking of you tomorrow,
    You already won 1st place so everyone there is a winner, but between you and I you have this in the bag.You are already a WINNER!!!



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