Friday, February 3, 2012

I have caved and purchased the Cadillac of Mixers....!!

I have so many recipes to try using this Machine:)

I'm thinking the first batch of Goodness will be Cuppies...!  
Of Course

Have a Safe and Fun Week-end....
Enjoy All the Food at Your Super Bowl Party 
and try to catch some of the game:)

Hugs my Friends...



  1. Hey K, I have the same machine. My husband bought it for me a few Christmas's ago. I LOVE mine so much.
    You are really going to enjoy yours, I am sure of it!!!!
    Have fun with your new toy!

  2. Tricia....I'm looking forward to it's many uses! My Mother is probably going to haunt me for using a "machine" for favorite recipes..! Thanks for stopping by and hope you and your family are feeling better for he week-end:))

  3. I have a Kitchen Aid, too and love it! It's so much easier to mix and to cut for biscuits! You'll love it! ♥


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