Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day

I am so excited to have Sublime Cupcakes in my Home Town of Lititz...!!

The original Sublime Cupcakes is located in Wyomissing, PA in my BFF's neighborhood. 
YES, Of course I've been to the Wyomissing store! Silly question...
And now I have one in my neighborhood as well..!

Last weekend I was invited to a Birthday gathering at a local Italian Restaurant with some friends who like to celebrate.  Before hand they asked if they could bring in their own dessert in honor of the Birthday Lady.  The dessert was a box of 12 different flavored cupcakes from Sublime.  Each Cupcake was cut into four pieces providing many different flavors for each of us to try and indulge.  The flavors and taste were not disappointing...

If your local to my area, its worth the stop..!  

Lucky for me, it's in the area I usually stop at after Church....
And a Starbucks is a stone's throw from Sublime Cupcakes:))

 Hoping your Valentine's Day was Special...
If your not committed to someone special, Go have yourself a Big Cupcake!!


  1. Hey K, those cupcakes sound yummy.
    You lucky gal.
    Happy Valentine's Day!

  2. They sound really yummy, but I am not sure that I would call that "lucky" to have yummy cupcakes quite that close! I would eat way too many!


  3. Ladies...I think Sublime Cupcakes would be a great place to visit when Tricia comes to Pa for a visit:))..! thanks for stopping by..Hugs, K


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