Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Celebrating A Friends 50th Birthday

Birthday Lady with her Special Mask on...

I gifted Linda a beautiful Cross Necklace with a Heart in Center

Linda enjoying her Favorite Food, Crab Legs..

Birthday Lady and Me

One Dessert with Three Spoons for Linda, Joy and Me

Always a fun time with my friends..!
 I'm so blessed to have true friends in my life...!!
Friends are not to be taken for granted nor you be taken for granted,
I've been having a blast this year with all the 50th birthdays of my friends and myself..!

My encouraging words,
Welcome to the other side of Fabulous!!

If your turning 50 this year, embrace and enjoy..!!

Thanks for stopping by my friends,
Hugs  to all..K




  1. Looks like the birthday girl had a fun birthday! Glad you had a great time with your close friends. :)

    1. Thanks Natalie...Yes, she did have a fun filled day of celebrating. One of my favorite things is having Girl Time with my friends that involves food:) Have a great evening..!K

  2. Hi K, well I must say Miss Linda looks like she was enjoying her birthday. That dessert looks yummy but I would have to pass on the crab legs. Just too much trouble for me. Glad you enjoyed spending time with friends. Nothing better.

    1. Hey Angela..! Welcome Home:) Linda did enjoy her Bday...always a good time with friends. By the time we left I think everyone in the place knew it was her bday, some birdie was continuously sharing that bit of information:) Have a great rest of the week...! Hugs, K


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