Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Will You Be My Valentine....

Do you remember the days of handing out 
Valentine's Day Cards in school?

Remember getting the classroom list with 
all the names of the students in your class,
so you were sure not to forget someone
spell their name wrong....

I can remember...

I remember going to the stationary store
to chose my "special" Valentine's 
to be addressed by me in the most
perfect handwriting I could achieve for the 
grade and age I was at that given year....

And it seemed no matter how much you wanted 
to avoid getting those nasty 
different colored hearts
with the lame Valentine promise written on them..
Everyone from A to Z in your class
handed them out..!

My fondest memories were the years my son
hand crafted his own V-Day cards..

He attended private school during his primary school years,
and I would like to say his class size was
much less in size than the public school,
not so with his class.

Every year we searched for a theme,
purchased the materials needed
with Jere being ready and eager to start his 
V-Day Card Creations..
It was always very interesting what he created,
given the fact of his gender....

 I longingly remember the treats he brought home were
 those of Mother's who loved the kitchen
as much as I do...
Rarely did he come home with a V-Day treat 
that wasn't home made...

I miss those days,
It always gave me an excuse to whip up
a batch of something yummy 
to share...

Here is a link to some homemade Valentine's Cards 

Let the creativity juices flow for
your very own special Valentine this year!..

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