Sunday, January 9, 2011

The Frinzy Begins..

Well...the Holiday is officially over for me today:(
Today my son returns home from a Holiday Vacation in Pittsburgh 
with very close friends of his High School Years...

So after today...
It will be back to whirlwinds of quickly entering through one door,
grabbing a bite to eat and out another door..
Going to the dryer to find clothing left there from
the night before, 
by someone else;/

The kitchen sink needing to be emptied first thing  in the morning,
only to have the dishwasher within inches...

It's the life of,
I know you were here,
the proof is in the Sink, Dryer and Refrigerator...!!

But, I will not complain!!!
After All...
It's what makes a Parent a Parent...Helping their Children to achieve
a better life and responsibility all in due time..!!!!
I want my son to know this will always be his home,
and as long as he is working hard, achieving and being productive 
in society, I will clean a dish or two before I hear his spoken words,
"Mom, I was going to wash that"..!

Stay warm...and remember to check on that elderly neighbor 
during these cold dreary months..!
And if by chance you have an extra bowl of soup,
share it..!!
Tomorrow I will be making a large pot of Ham and Bean Soup with Rivals,
with the Ham Bone left over from Christmas Dinner..

Have a great week...



  1. Thanks for your post today, I think you have summed up a lot for a lot of people, you hit my life right on the head.

  2. Yes - that really hit the mark...


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