Thursday, January 6, 2011

Unstoppable and Inspirational....

Chris Kaag, The Nephew of a very dear and long time friend of mine,
Is the Grand Prize Winner 
Of this year's
Penn StateFootball UnitedHealthcare All-Star of the Game award!!

"We are pleased to announce that Chris Kaag of Reading, PA is the 2010 Grand Prize winner of the Penn State Football UnitedHealthcare All-Star of the Game award. During each Penn State football broadcast UnitedHealthcare recognized one Penn State All-Star, someone who is making a healthy difference in their own life or the lives of others. This short slide show/video introduces the ten All-Stars from the 2010 Penn State Football Season and recognizes Chris as the Grand Prize winner.
Thanks to UnitedHealthcare for sponsoring this creative promotion to recognize Penn State fans who make a difference."
 Chris is such an inspiration to ALL who come in contact with him...

A hereditary debilitating Neuro-Muscular disease 
may have effected Chris with physical limitations,
but the disease has not stopped Chris
from pushing forward, achieving the highest levels
and most importantly...
Giving Back!!

Congratulations Chris...!!

Me with Proud Aunt, Vickie

This picture was taken recently at the Open House 
for my Salon Business...
Vickie has always been a true, supportive and dear friend...!

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