Thursday, January 13, 2011

Soup...Warms The Heart and Soul

It's what's for Lunch, Dinner and sometimes a snack..
I love soup

After our Christmas Ham Dinner,
I promptly placed the Bone from the Ham
into my deep freezer for a cold day in
January when I knew I would crave a nice
hot bowl of soup..

The day has/had come...
I prepared this pot of Ham and Bean soup with Rivals
a few days ago,
when the weather forecast was predicting
a Cold and Snowy start to the week..

The "white" you see on the top
is what we in PA Dutch Country call..
Rivals are a,
Crumb Size Noodle...
Made with flour and egg.

Simply put about two cups of flour to one egg in a small bowl,
and gently mix together with a fork.
Take small amounts of the mixture
and drop by your hand
(your hand will get a bit messy)
into the Simmering Pot of Soup...
Giving a gentle stir after each handful.
This Crumb Egg Noodle is added to 
many Soups made here in PA,
if your a true PA Dutch Cook...!

I let my soup Simmer for at least 30 mins
after all ingredients are added,
giving a gentle stir every now and then...

Now here is a fine looking pot of
Ham and Bean Soup with Rivals...

This pot of Soup lasted two days..
warming it for lunch and dinner,
I must say, too
with each warm-up..
the taste was enhanced with all the flavors of this 
comfort food on a cold and windy day.


Make a pot of broth with a Ham Bone or Ham Hock,
Cooking for approx. 1 1/2 hours.
Remove Bone or Hock from Broth and trim ham
from bone, removing any fat.
Add the ham you just removed back into the broth.

**(You may need to purchase more ham to add to the soup
if your only using ham leftover from a ham bone,
you can find ham cubes in your meat department at most 
grocery stores or purchase a Ham Hock 
and cook along with the ham bone to make the broth)**

Take two or more Large Cans of Northern Beans and
rinse each can of the beans in a culender,
then adding them to the broth.
Let the beans cook on Med Heat for about 10-15 mins
with the ham.
Add some Tomato Juice or V8 Juice,
whichever you have on hand or like..
Add the juice to fill the pot full to the top...
Stir gently and let this continue to cook on Med heat.
Mix your Crumb Egg Noodle together
Add this as instructed above.

After the Rivals have been added,
Stir the soup gently and place a lid on top
leaving a small opening on one side,
and let the soup simmer for 30 mins or so...

I cook all my soups in my
"Green Pan"
this pan allows me to keep the soup in the pot 
and store in the refrigerator over night,
I simply take the pot from refrigerator to stove
the next day and warm up 
for another hot and tasty bowl of soup..!

Bon Appetit

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