Sunday, November 2, 2008

Brrrrrrrr.....Baby, It's Cold Outside!!

As the Fall is slowly coming to an end, the impeding cold winter months will soon be upon us....

Winter has become my least favorite time of year. Although I have that childlike feeling after the first snow fall of the season, the long dark and cold months of Old Man Winter, that are required in this beautiful state of Pennsylvania, are not my most desired.....

I am the Lady in the restaurant who wears the sweater in 90 degree temperatures ....
I wear flip flops as long as possible, every style and color made to man kind... I hardly ever have my Air Conditioner on while driving, I am the "Fresh Air Girl" as my brother always called me... I never allow the thermostat over 78 degrees on the hottest days of summer..... I am the "Grill" Martha.... I have my deck clothes line sagging by the end of Fall....I sleep with three blankets year round, occasionally applying a fourth....

As I prepare for the cold months a head, I am some what relieved I'll be spending some time in Texas over the Holidays, where the temperatures are more soothing and comforting for this Lady who loves the warmth.......


  1. Winter is not my favorite time of year either. You sound like me except I don't wear flip flops - I like bare feet. :-)

  2. LOL...yes you do like your flips. I am dreading the winter and am hoping for a mild one!
    Who knows...maybe we will....we got a snowblower over the summer...I am hoping we dont have to use it.

  3. I do like my flips...and I find myself barefoot alot, too!!


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