Thursday, October 23, 2008

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This week's Skywatch Friday Photos were taken at Dusk...
Can you guess where..??

Gettysburg Battle Field


  1. Gettysburg is an amazing place to visit.

    Enlarged, the top photo said "Halloween." LOL

  2. Very nice photos. I remember visiting Gettysburg as a child, but I don't remember the sky there being so pretty.

  3. The top picture does like like a Halloween night..

    We were very lucky to have had a gorgeous day of bright sunshine and then as the sun went down, it was just as equally gorgeous at sunset..! And the moon, as you can see was almost a Full Moon...

  4. I love that first sunset. It's just got some great colour in it.

  5. gotta love Gettysburg! Nice shots!

  6. It could just as easily have been in Adelaide, Australia with Col. Light pointing out the ideal spot to build a city.
    Lovely shots, but doesn't it just show about statues!


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