Thursday, October 2, 2008

Skywatch Friday

Sunset After The Storm.....

My pictures this week were taking after a thunderstorm. As I was taking the shots, a light drizzle was still present. You can see the roadway has a shine from the recent storm.
Notice the difference in the sky color within a very short amount of time.

I have the most beautiful Sunsets directly in front of my home....

For more Skywatch photos around the on the Title at top of page.


  1. Beautiful pictures. I think the skies are the most beautiful after the storms...all the junk in the air gets purged and it is fresh and clean. Kink of like life...

  2. Your pictures are beautiful. I think the sky is the most beautiful after a storm. All the junk floating around is cleared out and we can fill our lungs with fresh air. Kind of like life....

  3. Pretty pics, the 2nd one almost matches the pink on your blog :) thanks for posting them!

  4. Yes, you most certainly do have wonderful sunsets if this is any indication. Wonderful photos.

  5. Its amazing how the sky changes so quickly, you have to capture or its gone forever, and you caught 2 beautiful shots.

  6. I see the top two pictures but the third has an x so will pop back later for that one. Your contribution to SkyWatch is delightful. Beautiful sunset and colors and the difference in them in such a short space of time is always so interesting. Great job!

  7. Very nice - like the golden red sheene! Cheers, Klaus

  8. Great pink sky in the 2nd pic.
    Thanks for sharing



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