Monday, October 13, 2008

Vegetables At Their Best......

Vegetables this time of year are best when thrown into a large stewing pot and a delicious creation of vegetable soup is born.....
My mother always had a pot of soup cooking on the stove top year round. In the summer months she made Chicken Corn Rival with freshly picked corn. She would actually know which farmers were picking corn on which days and at what time so she could time it just right to be at the farm as the corn was being brought in from the fields..
The Fall and Winter months she made Ham and Bean with Rivals. It was Vegetable Soup in which she made through the year.

Starting with a Beef Soup Bone, you want to place the beef bone in a large stewing pot and fill with cold water 2 inches from the top. The soup bone can be purchased from a local butcher shop. Some butchers have soup bones on hand. If your not able to find one on display, ask the butcher if one could be put aside for
you when they do their butchering. I usually stock up on soup bones when they are available with my local butcher and freeze them in my deep freezer, this is a convenient way for me to have the necessary items available.
Let the beef bone cook at a good simmer for about two hours, adding more cold water if necessary with half of a chopped medium sized onion. You want a good rich broth for a soup base as shown below, which is the key to a good soup. After your broth is dark and the meat is very tender, remove the beef bone and drain the broth through a colander into a clean pot or very large bowl. This will remove the onion pieces and give you a clear broth as pictured below. I usually reserve about 4 cups of the broth in case I need to add more broth during the cooking process. I then clean my large stewing pot and place the drained broth back into the pot and again bring the broth to a simmer.

Next I chop a medium size head of cabbage, as seen below and place that in the simmering broth along with the remainder of the chopped onion.
Then Adding 4 large potatoes and (not pictured), I add 1 pound of fresh Beef Cubes. Again you can get these at your local butcher shop or favorite grocery store where they sell fresh cuts of beef. I let the cabbage, potatoes and beef cubes simmer until the cabbage starts to have a soft texture.
This is what your soup should look like after adding the cabbage, potatoes and beef cubes.
Sweet Corn, Carrots, Cut Green Beans, Lima Beans and Peas are the frozen vegetables I use. You can use fresh raw vegetables if you like, but keep in mind if your using fresh raw vegetables, add the raw vegetables at the same time as your cabbage and potatoes. Raw vegetables need a longer cook time than frozen vegetables. I do not recommend you use any canned vegetables.....canned vegetables to me are just..nasty.
For the tomatoes, I first cut them in halves or quarters placing them skin side down on a baking sheet or stone. Spray them with olive oil and bake for 30 minutes at 400 degrees. After the frozen vegetables have been simmer for 15 minutes, add 64 ounces of tomato juice and then add tomatoes including the juice from the tomatoes.
Continue to simmer until the vegetables are tender.

This will be your end result after all ingredients are added.

My son was lurking while this soup was simmering and was the first to taste..He approved!
This pot of soup would be one my grandmother and mother would be proud of, too...!!


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