Sunday, November 16, 2008

Giving Thanks..Baking

Yesterday I pulled out the Pumpkin Treats.... I made two Pumpkin Pies this past Friday, one for a good Friend's Birthday and the second one was placed in the freezer for Thanksgiving..

Yes, my Mother would be a little disappointed if she knew her daughter placed a homemade pie in the Freezer for Thanksgiving two weeks away!! I have learned over the years, one can freeze just about anything...and it tastes as though it had been made fresh that very same day.

As I placed a pie into the freezer, I pulled out a Pumpkin Roll from my freezer. I usually have Pumpkin Rolls made and kept frozen. I like to keep several Rolls on hand for when I need a quick and tasty dessert in a pinch. Yesterday was that day when My 20 Year Old son mentioned he was attending a Thanksgiving Dinner hosted by his Boy Scout Troop where he has earned his Eagle Scout.....My memory served me correctly, remembering Mom's were always asked to bring a dessert for the dinner and the Men and Scouts prepared the I could not let my son attend empty handed......

Baking is one of my favorite things to do....desserts sure are tasty!

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  1. Oh I love to bake too. I would rather bake than cook.
    Freezing is great and the stuff really does taste like you just made it. A great time saver.


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