Friday, November 14, 2008

Giving Thanks..

Giving Thanks.....For the little things

As I am gathering all my material and organizing what I need to start my Christmas Crafts, I found myself having to go on the full blown, tear down the walls, look in every room, closet and basement search for my glue gun...that worn out shoe box that has kept my one and only glue gun safe for too many years to mention, is forever burned in my I am frantically searching, I found myself repeating the size, color and "do you know how long I have had that glue gun"??? I need to find it, its a part of me, I simply can not go out and purchase a new one, I have way too many memories making new crafts and repairing old..that gun has never failed me..! The thought of not having it for this years Christmas Crafts was just way too much to comprehend....

At last.....Big Sigh

It was found, tucked away in its shoe box minding it's own business in the basement...

Now, to find those scissors...I know I have them...???

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  1. Glad you finally found your glue gun. I had a similar time the other day trying to find my pedometer and I can't go walking without it. I did eventually find it so know exatly how you feel. :-)


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