Thursday, February 10, 2011

This week is just whipping by....
And Spring is not so far away,
the sun is warmer and the days are getting longer!

As I mentioned earlier in the week,
I finally made it to the
Good Cooking Store...
I was very impressed with the
large assortment of cooking
gadgets, pans, crocks, dishes and bakers..
Also in stock were many items
for the "Younger" cook and baker...
Which is always a winner with me!!!

One thing I found to be very interesting,
the many stone bakers and pans
sold there are manufactured by the 
same company that also manufactures
stones for Pampered Chef...

I mentioned while browsing,
the many stone bakers
and pans for sale looked 
very similar to those I have
which I purchased from
Pampered Chef...
That's when the "little" secret 
was shared by the Owner's Daughter,
the stoneware came from the same
manufacturer and I might add, 
for a 
lot less in costs than Pampered Chef....

 My three picks from the 
Cooking Store...
Plastic Mixing Bowl with Rubber Bottom
 I have a bowl with a rubber bottom,
which has a track at the top 
where it attaches to a mixer..
When I pour the mix from the bowl to the pan,
batter mix becomes lodged in the track 
causing the mix to drip...
Now I have no more

Ceramic Juicer
This ceramic Juicer is one of those items 
you wish you had every time you hand squeeze 
an orange or lime for that favorite muffin or cake recipe..
But.. never got around to purchasing one

Silicon Spoon
I purchased a blue Silicon Spoon as shown
for $5.00, what a great bargain...!

What I really wanted to purchase was a
Biscuit Cutter, and wouldn't you know,
they had none in stock.....however
I was promised some would be in stock 
with in a week or two... gives me an excuse to go back,
not that I really need an excuse:)

I now need to find a home for my 
new mixing bowl..
I honestly do not have room in my 

~Have a great weekend~


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