Monday, February 21, 2011

Can you Say...Fun and Spring?!!!

 My "Spring Cuppie"....

I took this idea from my last  post,
and created a Fun and Spring Like Large Cupcake..

My batter of many colors in Cupcake Mold
While shopping last week I came across this
smaller size Mold for A Large Cupcake...
The molds I have seen in the past are much
larger than this one,
and I was not overly fond of the large size.

When I found this on sale for $9.00,
I grabbed it...!

The picture below are the tops 
cut off the Top and Bottom portions of 
the baked cupcake in order for
the two to sit level when assembled together...
This picture gives you an idea of how the colors 
bake so well together and create 
this awesome Cupcake...

I love how Bright the colors are..!
Final Outcome after baking

 Below would be Wendy...
She is the "Special" Lady who this Cuppie 
was baked for..!
Wendy's first reaction when opening the bag

 Wendy likes Chocolate as much as I do..
So, with that in mind..
I topped with rich chocolate fudge..
I was a bit disappointed how the fudge set 
immediately after topping the cake..
I did not use my own homemade fudge,
thinking I wouldn't have enough...
I'll know better for next time..!

I think Wendy Likes "Her" Fun Cuppie..!

Enjoy Wendy..!!


  1. Love the colors in the cupcake. The chocolate on top makes my mouth water. You surely must have made Wendy's day.

  2. Angela...Thanks, the chocolate was tasty!
    Wendy is a special gal going through some difficult "crap"....Just a little Love and Support to show her how much she is appreciated for the person she is:))


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