Sunday, February 27, 2011

Stop The Clock..!

That feeling of Nostalgia....

My conversations the past several weeks
with those I have known since childhood,
has me yearning for those past 
days of a much more simplified time.. 

Remember the Corner Store?,
usually family owned and operated..

One such store was located on
the block I lived on..
And after we moved to the home
my parents purchased,
around the corner was 
another "little corner" store..

Before taking the short walk
or skipping as I sang...loudly,
(Yes, I was that child)
I counted my pennies 
so I was sure to know exactly
how much candy I could purchase...

Yes, there was a time when
one could purchase candy for one cent,
leaving the store with a small brown paper bag
filled to top with one cent candy..!
I usually left the store with more 
candy than pennies...
The owner was very good friends 
with my Grandfather..:)
and he liked my singing...! 

The candy was usually kept behind a glass
cabinet in large boxes with the lid torn off,
allowing you to claim your own individual pieces..

Most times leaving the store
my journey was short..
I would plop down on the
steps of the store and dig into my overflowing
bag filled with my favorite treats..

Here are a few of my favorites
that filled my bag...

Bazooka Bubble Gum
Candy Buttons
Candy Lipstick
Candy Necklace
Filled Wax
Fruit Striped Gum
Sugar Daddy
Tootsie Filled Pop
Tootsie Roll
Swedish Fish
Any of these look familiar or one of your favorites?

The funny thing about my favorite list above,
Today, I wouldn't eat most of what is shown..!
Yes, today at this time of my life...
It would be some rich Chocolate,
(as my friend Wendy describes)
"Decadent and Fabulous" creation..!

Have a Fabulous Week

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