Friday, February 11, 2011

Amish Mud Sale

It's that time of year....

What memories I have from my childhood years,
attending Amish Mud Sales with my daddy and grandpa....

My Great-Grandparents were very strict Mennonites,
to which my father was basically raised as, until his teen years....
My father spent a great deal of time with his Grandfather,
who according to my father, only spoke Pennsylvania Dutch,
the German Language spoken by the Amish....
Great-Grandpa could speak the English Language,
however, daddy said if you wanted an answer from him,
you spoke to him in PA Dutch....
That was how my father became very fluent in PA Dutch..
So when we attended the many Amish Mud Sales,
my daddy fit right in and I had no flippin idea what
was being said...!

Of course my eyes were always on the homemade goodies
those Amish Ladies made to sell at the Sales,
and always a cup of hot chocolate, too..!!!

Daddy was always interested in purchasing mechanical tools,
his trade and hobby was restoration of Antique Automobiles...

At sales such as these, daddy was able to find some real
treasures in the tool department....

Personally, I found it a bit boring after my treat of choice
was eaten and the last drip of hot chocolate was tasted...

I still to this day do not find Mud Sales a "Must Do"...
I think that part I inherited from my Mother:))

Take the time to read about Amish Mud Sales,
you may want to give one a try if your in the
neighborhood....I guarantee you'll find some awesome Goodies to sample!!

Click on Link below to read up on the Amish Mud Sales..


  1. Good evening K,
    I love your memories here....and how quaint to have Mennonite heritage. I love that!
    We had hoped to get to Lancaster for a Mud Sale this early Spring but not sure if it will happen...I have always wanted to see one and hopefully find some nice pieced goods or some wonderful treats.


  2. What a great post! I have family members that have attended the Mud of these years I hope to find the time to visit...thanks for sharing a bit of your family history with us.

  3. Thank you, Ladies..! Karen, you would LOVE the Mud Sales and Patti, Tim could get some ideas for the shop..! Have a great VDay with your sweeties<3



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