Monday, February 7, 2011

I finally made it to the

I purchased a few things I will post later..

After Shopping, lunch was served at
The Olive Garden

One of my favorite places...

And of course I had to
keep room for some dessert...

New to me at the Olive Garden are
individual "little" desserts called Dolcini..
 The perfect size for one,
or in our case..
The trio to share..!

Piccoli Dolci means "little dessert treats"
consisting of layers with cake, mousse, pastry creams and berries.

Our Choices..

Just the right size and amount to satisfy the sweet tooth,
My favorite...
The Chocolate Mousse with Dark Chocolate Cookie Crust..!!!

The Lemon Cello Mousse had a nice cool
Lemon taste..

The Strawberry and White Chocolate Cream Cake,
was my least favorite..
The Strawberry was very sweet,

almost like a jelly...

I also tried a new entree

 Venetian Apricot Chicken
  Grilled chicken breast in an apricot citrus sauce.
Served with broccoli, asparagus and diced tomatoes.

The amount served was perfect for lunch,
the Apricot sauce was not overly sweet
which made for a very tasty lunch...

So if your in the neighborhood
The Olive Garden..
I highly recommend the 
Chicken Apricot Dish
and make sure you leave room for dessert!

Temperatures reached near 40 degrees today,
And It was Wonderful..!!!

Have a great week:)

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