Thursday, November 24, 2011

Post Turkey Dinner

The beautiful flowers were a gift from my cousin Patti....

The table after all the preparations and Thanksgiving Dinner is done for another year!
I LOVE's that one day of the year you prepare all your favorite dishes and desserts, and enjoy them with family and friends...
Some years you have more at the table and some years a little less, but it's all the same in the true spirit of giving Thanks...And with each year that comes and soon passes, I have so much to be thankful for..!!

Now it's time to get in the Holiday Spirit of Christmas...
I have started my Christmas shopping...Yes, I most certainly have!

I've really scaled back over the years with the amount I gift, as in quantity to one person.  My mother was one to know exactly what one liked and shopped all year long for Christmas gifts.  If she was out and about, found something appropriate to one's personal likes or taste, she snatched it up and saved it for Christmas.  I have a tendency to do the same.. it saves you a lot of last minute shopping and searching.  My big down fall shopping all year long is remembering what I already had purchased and sometimes where I hid it....:)

Here are a few great Black Friday deals for the Kitchen featured at

Regularly $55, it’s $28.99 on Amazon...
 I've had my eye on one of these Immersion Hand Blenders for quite some time, but wasn't liking the cost.
I'm Glad I waited..and I got FREE shipping..!!
Merry Christmas to ME..:)

If your venturing out to take advantage of the specials and savings for Black Friday,
be safe and have fun!!

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