Sunday, December 4, 2011

December is such a busy time of year with shopping, decorating and baking.  And lets not forget the fun holiday get-togethers.  This year I truly feel as though I have an early handle on the busy month a head.  My holiday craft items have been purchased to which I will start to construct this week for gift giving.  Shopping has been started with little to be done for completion, along with knitting and holiday cookie baking.  Saturday I mixed double batches of chocolate and peanut butter blossoms, and sand tart cookie dough.  Today (Sunday) my bestest friend and I started baking around noon the dough I had prepared, along with two different chocolate chip dough recipes Kathy (bestie) brought to bake.  The afternoon of baking was so relaxing as we chatted away catching up on the happenings of our busy lives....I must confess, having prepared the dough a day or two a head of time really is the way to do a massive day of baking.  For the large amount of cookies baked and a few short breaks, our total time was about 6 hours from start to finish.  The key, prepare ahead and be organized the day of baking.  Also, plan and make a light lunch that can be eaten as you work, this cuts the munching down on all those yummy cookies you've baked and suffering later with an outrageous sugar high:) 

We were so busy baking not many pictures were taken, but I did manage a few...
below is Kathy and I with a pan of chocolate chip, Kathy's recipe of dark chewy and light chewy with walnuts.  Her chocolate chip cookie recipe is one of the Best I have ever tasted...!!

Pictured are the dark chewy chocolate chip and chocolate blossoms..

After the baking was done....a little Wine to enjoy!

We both have enough cookies to start the season off with sharing and gifting.  I have a Lemon Cookie topped with a lemon glaze I will be making this week sometime.  I also will be baking mid week for our annual Christmas Party at Church for this coming Friday.  I donate several different flavors of baked goods as prizes/gifts for those who win door prizes and games we play during the party.  The Christmas Holiday Season gives me a good reason to bake and do all the fun things I so enjoy doing...

I'm hoping to attend a Christmas Concert also during the holiday season.  There is just something about a concert of all your favorite Christmas Carols being sung by a Chorus...
Thanks for stopping by and enjoy this magical time of year..!

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  1. Hi K, and I thought I was doing good just having finished my shopping, and here you are already baking. Those cookies look great and so yummy. Sure wish I had one to go with my coffee this morning. Last year Holly wasn't working and we did all our baking together. Was so much fun. This year I suppose I will do it all myself. Today I am planning on wrapping all the gifts, and finishing my decorating. Of course, how many days do I accomplish what I have planned? Hoping you have a great week


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