Monday, December 12, 2011

Santa came early this past weekend......

I came home after a fun filled Saturday to my Christmas Gift of a new microwave from my Favorite Son..!!  The microwave that was replaced had a long life span of 26 years, it was time to retire it to the waste management facility that cost me $10.00 for them to safely dispose of it...

Saturday started very busy at the Salon and ending with a Birthday Party for my Niece's little Sweetie, Miss Aubree...Miss Aubree had her 1st Birthday Party on Saturday, and I have to say that I have not ever been to a child's 1st party where the child really did enjoy themselves the entire time..!!!  Aubree was so happy during the entire party, never tiring or becoming grumpy or "done" with the party and cake thing...!!  

Below are a few pictures of Miss Aubree during her first Birthday Party, you be the judge of her excitement and charm:)

Birthday Girl is Stylin..

Aunt Kathy and Miss Aubree

This smile was seen through out the party..!!

Stylin a new hat

Opening Aunt Kathy's Gift

"Around The Farm Animal Sounds" Book
 My personal trend has been for many years, to gift an educational book that is age appropriate.  Miss Aubree also received a Red Ruffled Sweater from Aunt Kathy which was quickly placed back into the package by her mother, I wasn't fast enough to get a picture...

Look at that smile

Yes, I think Miss Aubree had a fun first Birthday...!

*I think our church needs a new highchair;/

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  1. Hi K, what a great gift. And I must say after 26 years I am sure it is well deserved!! That little Aubree is a doll. I could just squeeze her. Such a sweet smile. Love the picture with the new hat on. My favorite.


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