Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Today my Bestie and I had our annual Holiday gathering of exchanging gifts and then dinner.  This year was no exception Kathy surprising me with gifts that are so me....the first picture below I am holding a Cupcake Timer from her daughter, Amy.  The second picture is a Lantern Post from Kathy to which quickly found a home on my Fireplace Hearth. I had a strand of Rice Lights I had picked up a while back and knew they would be the perfect final touch to the Lantern Post. I gifted Kathy the Sock Snowman and Ladies I made along with some homemade goodies.  Kathy LOVES snowmen! Her home totally reflects her love for Mr and Mrs Frosty...

The lit tree to the right is a Norfolk Pine I purchased this Holiday Season and decorated for Christmas.  I will keep the lights on and place it in my Sun Room after Christmas.  Since our beloved Yorkie, Pete is no longer with us I am able to once again have plants in the Sun Room. Pete claimed the Sun Room as part of his territory and he was not fond of anything "green" in this part of his domain...  I tried many many times over the years with different plants in this area only to be reminded by Pete he did not like the "green" stuff..!  He even chewed a wicker planter I had an artificial plant in..!  I guess he figured if he can't kill the plant, he'll kill the which he did!  But, I wouldn't have traded him for any plant or planter and miss him every day..especially this time of year. Pete had his own matching family Christmas Stocking and that stinker knew on Christmas morning he got goodies also from Santa..!  

It's hard to believe in a few days  Christmas will be here...

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  1. Looks like you and Kathy had a wonderful visit. Love the cupcake timer and the Lantern Post. And those snowmen are adorable. Don't know how I missed your last post. Could it possibly be the holidays are catching up with me? We had our last entertaining here at home tonight. My family was here for our traditional "Made from Scrath Chicken and Dumpling" supper. Some don't eat them so there was homemade chili and hot dogs. Peach cobbler and cupcakes and candy was dessert. And I am pooped!! The rest of the holidays we will be going to other folks homes. This has been a busy week. Hoping you are ready for the big day. I have gifts to wrap still but am thru otherwise. Hoping you and your family have a wonderful and blessed Christmas


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