Wednesday, November 2, 2011

My son is insisting I allow him to give me a new microwave for Christmas...
I know, don't kick a gift horse in the mouth, right?!
I just have this fetish with my son spending a large amount of money on me for any reason!!
He works long hours, attends school and like his parent's has a hard time saying "No" to those in need..
I worry about what the future is for our kids, as so many parents also do.  You want your child to have the same opportunities we had at their age, which has become increasingly harder for young adults today then when I was their age...
I want him to save and put away as much savings as he can before the "real" responsibilities start

But knowing my son, he will win this battle;)
The Microwave I have is over 20 years old, the fan makes a noise that sounds like it's taxing down the runway for take off.  I'm thinking this is the real reason he wants to gift me a new one, the noise can really be a bit annoying most times.

Below is a picture of the "new" microwave he picked out for me...
I have to admit, I am really lovin that Frigidaire  Double Oven pictured with the microwave..!!!
I wonder if Santa would bring me that new Oven??!!!
I've been good, really I have:)!!

Isn't she a beauty..!!!?

Both ovens are large enough to roast a 28 pound Turkey...
Whew, You could do some serious cooking and baking with this baby..!!


I am excited to get the NEW Microwave.....!
My Son is one to really do his homework before deciding on a purchase, 
with that said, I've no doubt my gift will be FANTASTIC and last me another 20 years..!!

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