Wednesday, April 24, 2013

This picture is my Son (larger one) and my cousin's grandson.  They are about the same age in both pictures, but 24 years a part in age.  The smaller picture is a very recent amazes me how DNA structural components and its replication is so strong in some families.  From the first time I saw my cousin's grandson, I said he looks so much like "our" side of the family.  Don't you agree!!?

It's been day two of taking my Spring Blossom Honey.  I'm not sure if it's in my head, but I feel like I had a vaccine to prevent illness.  Today I'm more stuffy and congested again.  Hoping this is a sign the Honey is working to build up an immunity to all this craziness of seasonal allergies....

Stay safe, my friends...!

Much love and hugs,


  1. Holy Moly, your right your son and your cousin's grandson looks so much like your son.
    I am hoping your honey is going to work too, it did for me last year.

    1. The resemblance is so unreal! I'm hoping too the honey does the job!! Hugs...

  2. Oh how cute! Oh yes, strong resemblance!

  3. They both are so stinkin cute, aren't they!!? It's like Wyatt is a clone of Jere, both always smiling and look so much a like! Happy little boys, and now my son is just as happy all grown up :( I'm praying for a little grand-daughter with those beautiful blue eyes, blonde hair and sweet smile :)) Hugs...

  4. Wow,they do look alike! Both are super sweet.Hope the honey helps.Hugs,Jen

    1. Thanks, Jennifer..! The honey does seem to helping..YAY!
      thanks for stopping by...hugs


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