Tuesday, April 23, 2013

I'm desperate...!  This year has started off with one bad case of Allergies...!  So much so, I have found myself sneezing and coughing up crap from every upper respiratory orifice attached to this body...And, I have been living on cold, cough and antihistamines for the past two months.  Enough..!!  

Today I found some Local Raw Honey, in hopes I can calm and tame down all this unwanted activity of this nasty crap that has unwelcoming decided to take up residency within me. 

I have done much research and spoke with many who swear by eating *Local Raw Honey for allergies is successful.  



  1. Hope it works for you K. My Mr. P. takes bee pollen tablets and he swears by it. Hope the honey gives you some relief. Take care.

  2. Goodness K....this has hung on for a long time hasn't it.
    I sure hope the honey works...


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