Saturday, April 6, 2013

The services for our Aunt Margie were very beautiful and very fitting for the kind and compassionate person and life she lived..!  My very dear friend Linda sang two songs during the service.  Amazing Grace from the rear of the church and How Great Thou Art....she did an amazing job, her voice is angelic but very powerful..!  The organist from Aunt Margie's church was blown away by her performance.  You could see him grinning from ear to ear as he too belted out the cords on the organ and piano as Linda was just simply amazing!!  Aunt Margie most certainly approved :)

This past week we did manage to meet up with my cousin Shane and his family for dinner while they were here in PA for a visit.  Shane moved to North Carolina after obtaining his teaching degree.  His parents, my aunt and uncle retired to Myrtle Beach over 10 years ago and the ironic part is both their son's are teachers for the same school district in NC, three hours from Myrtle Beach.  Shane married a lovely lady, Carolea who is Jamaican.  Carolea has a teenage daughter, T'ana who is just as sweet as her Mother.  Shane and Carolea have a two  year old son, Cameron.  Cameron has the most adorable personality.  I had such fun with him during our time together.  I had the pleasure of sitting directly across from Camron during our meal which was nothing short of eventful.  I'm so glad we had the time together and met Shane's wife and step-daughter, T'ana.  
T'ana, Carolea, Cameron and Shane

Brother Doug, Carolea, T'ana, Cameron, Cousins Shane and Patti, Nephew Corey, Me and Hubs...

 We had a great time telling stories from our youth and enjoying the time together.  Missing from the picture are my niece and her family and cousin Patti's daughter and family.  Both have little ones who were getting tired, so they ate and chatted a bit before excusing themselves to get the little ones home to their beds.  Cameron however was still going strong when Shane and his family left well over an hour later...he has so much energy, but his daddy keeps in step with him.  They are actually amusing to watch and 

Cameron eating his "Pizza Pizza"

Cameron being silly

Wyatt, Cousin Patti's little grandson

My neice's daughter, Aubre...
 Aubre was very tired and not having anything to do with pictures or being very social down at her end of the tables...

I hope your all enjoying your weekend and the beautiful Spring weather..!
Thanks for stopping by and until next time,
Be safe and Hugs..


  1. What beautiful children and I bet you love to hear Carolea talk! Love their accent.

  2. Hey, It seems to me that Aunt Margie was in heaven celebrating and singing with all of you.
    She seemed to be that kind of lady!
    All the kiddo's in the pictures are so darn cute, but when they are someone else's LOL, LOL!

    Have a blessed Sunday.
    Lots of hugs,

  3. Glad your aunt Margie's life was celebrated with such a lovely service. Two of my most favorite songs for a funeral.
    Oh my what a beautiful family Shane has.


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