Sunday, October 30, 2011

What does one do when it snows a very substantial amount of snow in OCTOBER..!??
One cooks and then eats what one cooks

 After returning home from the Salon, I started to prepare a large pot of homemade Vegetable Soup, homemade biscuits and a new recipe for cheese poppers I have been dying to try...The one deterrent I had to keep me cooking. was the fact of losing electric.  To have power surges in my "neck of the woods" is nothing new during ANY storm.  But I must admit, yesterday I did become a bit nervous when the surges were coming more frequently and loss of electricity was longer periods than usual.  Fortunately, the loss of electricity did not occur for more than a few minutes during the entire storm.  The only loss "I" had and still have, is not being able to send pictures in a txt message from my phone.  And this is nothing unusual, either:(
So with that said, I had some really nice pics of the food fest I cooked yesterday, but will have to share them in another post, when the pictures via txt message cooperate..!

I will share with you some pictures my good friend, Linda took early this morning.  The photos are from Speedwell Forge Lake, A Lake just outside the limits of my hometown, Lititz.  This lake is 45 years old and I remember when the dam was built several years later.  This lake is where I and my brothers fished in the evenings with our Dad. Its where I had my "first" hook in my finger, to which to this day I remember as though it happened yesterday.  This Lake is where we went ice skating every winter.  One memorable winter on the Lake was with my Aunt June and Cousin Audrey, they took me by the hands (me in the middle) and the wind was so forceful, it took us from one end of the Lake to the other without having to lift a leg.  The hard part was "trying" to skate back up the Lake against the winds.....We were laughing so hard, it made the job so much harder...but we sure had fun! So many good memories as a child were shared and made on this Lake...
Sadly to say, the Dam was severely damaged from the Hurricane we had this past year, the cost to repair the Dam is over 6 Million and like every other state in this country, PA is broke..!! 

So the decision was made to drain the Lake....:(

The pics shown are the Lake as it has been draining.

On the other side of this tree, was the area I had my "first" hook in finger experience...

It's all so sad to see this Lake being drained down to a small stream...
Hopefully this economy will soon start to rebound and areas such as this Lake that are in need of repairs and rebuilding can be done..
Have a FUN and Safe Halloween...

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