Thursday, October 27, 2011

I'm not sure where the month of October went..!
It's hard to believe Thanksgiving is four short weeks away and then the Holidays are in full swing...
It seems as though since the beginning of September we have hit the ground running and haven't stopped.  My son has been so busy with work and school, I think he is very much ready for a break, although he is one to not like being in the still position for very long, to which I guess is a good thing...!   I have some knitting I would like to do, I usually give a few items I knit as gifts for Christmas..Some friends are planning to meet at my home early December and bake some cookies, I really enjoy these cookie baking gatherings this time of year.  Many different cookies can be baked and divided among everyone and it helps to cut down the work of one having to do all the work your self and not to mention it gives us girls a chance to catch up and have some girl time...!

 I'm also ready for a's been a while:)  I'm asked frequently by my niece and nephew when I'm coming to Texas??!  I miss them and wish they lived much closer...

As I say Good-Night
Happy Halloween and Have a Fun Filled Week-End with the Spooks..!

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  1. Good Morning K, I agree with you, time is flying by. But I am so ready for the holidays to begin. I love the Christmas season and activities leading up to the big day. Tonight is our fall festival at church so today is a busy one for me. Are you getting snow there? Have read blogs where so many folks are already. That would be cool. Have a great weekend.


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