Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Growing Up Too Fast....

My beautiful niece is pictured here attending a formal dance along with her close friends...
Shayna is wearing the awesome Teal dress and note...No Shoes!!  Looks as though Shayna has the same habit of kicking of her shoes as her Aunt:)  I am a bit bias when I say to others how proud I am of this young lady..!  I know how hard it is to keep your teenager grounded without holding them back.  Shayna's parents do a great job maintaining a healthy balance with Shayna as she matures into her own person and finding her place.  Her passion is soccer, she has played the sport since her young elementary years, to which she has excelled.  For several years weekend trips have been made to Dallas, a two hour trip one way for her to play on a top notch Soccer League.  This year as a Freshman, she made the JV team at her High School along with suiting up for Varsity Games.  The Dallas League recently has been invited to play in a Tournament in Atlanta this December.  The Tournament is played after the College Big Four Soccer play offs are finished.  What an honor and great experience this group of young ladies will have playing among some of the best of the best ladies soccer teams...!  Yes, I am very proud of Shayna and honored to be called her Aunt.....

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  1. Shayna is beautiful K. It sounds like she is a great young lady and I can see why you are so proud of her. Love her bare feet. Great that she is so comfortable with herself. She will be visiting my neck of the woods in December. We are about 30 miles south of Atlanta. Take care and have a great weekend


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