Saturday, August 14, 2010

A Visit With The Cake Boss and Uncle Johnny....

My one dear and best friend for many years, Sue
came home from FL for a visit.
This visit was a..
Just because visit.
No real place to be or something urgent to deal with...
So..Me being me..
I planned a day in Hoboken, NJ
to visit with
The "Cake Boss"
"Uncle Johnny"
With Sue, my other best and dearest friend, Kathy
and Kathy's daughter Amy along with her good friend, Cecily
we put the coolers in the car, had our morning coffee
and off we went heading East.

You may know of the TV show on TLC,
"The Cake Boss" 
which features Buddy, his family and family business from "Carlos Bakery".
You can find the history about the bakery on their website.
Buddy appeared while we were in the Bakery...

 Our first stop in Hoboken was at the
Fiore's Deli..
Where we met Owner,
"Uncle Johnny".
Again, you can find the history and ties to the two families on
the website.
The day was a blast..!!

Outside Fiore's Deli with owner, "Uncle Johnny"...What a sweet man!!
The best Mozzarella, EVER!
How they park (on the already narrow street), at lunch time in front of Fiore's

Carmine...the neighborhood watch man.  He took good care of my car..LOL

We ate our awesome lunch from Fiore's along the New York Skyline, at Sinatra's Park in Hoboken..

Sue taking in as much as she can..Hudson River with Empire State Building in background along Skyline.

Washington Street in Hoboken is lined with these banners..

Waiting in line for our turn to enter the Bakery..(L) Sue, Amy, Cecily and Kathy

Me and my Best Girls....(L) Sue, Me and Kathy

The line a head of us, from where we were looks worse than it really was.

Buddy's window above the bakery.  He opened the window twice during our visit, waved and smiled to his many fans.

Front of the Bakery

A very small display of the many creations made on site... trays filled to restock the cases continuously came down from upstairs....

Here are a few pictures of our yummy purchases we brought back to PA...

Our day was filled with the warmth of great friendship and many laughs...
Oh, and of course on the Very Sweet Side of Things..!!


  1. OK, I think I just gained 10lbs just looking at the pictures! YUM! Looks like you had a great time...what fun! Now thanks to you I have a strong craving for a cannoli..or 2 or 3 or.....

  2. Patty...I took care of the extra weight gain for ya..!!! We did have fun...


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