Sunday, August 29, 2010

Oh Baby...

After a busy morning at the Salon,
I came home enjoying the beautiful day we were having here in PA...

As I was puttering around my kitchen,
wondering what I felt like eating for lunch
or rather what I felt like making for lunch...
my attention, as always was drawn to what is happening
outside my kitchen window....

I counted well over 20 butterflies on the bush
and saw a sight I just adore...
A woman pushing a baby carriage,
Not because she was in a Mall or on some
Simply taking a walk pushing her baby,
Just because...

I know this because where I live, 
there are no sidewalks, only paved roads
with areas safe for taking a walk..

And my admiration for this Mother grew when I saw she had
a blanket laid across the opening of the carriage to protect the baby from the 
sun and wind....

I loved walking and pushing my son in his carriage....
Looking forward to doing the same with grandchildren someday!


  1. Good morning K,
    I so agree that this is such a wonderful site.
    We live in a very small town and see parents pushing their children in buggies and strollers all the time...and you know what...we see lots of Daddy's doing this and we feel even more warmed by the site...daddy's are taking the time to be just that 'a daddy' and what a special time to be with children when it's just one on one with them out in the fresh air and not distractions except nature.

    What a refreshing post. Thanks.


  2. Good Morning Karen, my dear friend...a day late!
    Your so right about the "daddy's" taking an interest in their young children. It certainly is a refreshing sight..! Have a great week and holiday weekend..! K


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