Sunday, August 8, 2010

Remembering Mother's Tater Salad

I recently lost both my Aunt and Uncle within four weeks of each other...
They had been married for 62 years and together raised 8 children.
You can only imagine the sadness felt by not only their children and grandchildren,
But also from their siblings, nieces and nephews...

After the funeral for my Aunt Ruth, who was my Mother's sister,
the family and close friends gathered for a light lunch..
during that time many stories were told and rehashed.
One being, my cousin Cindy sharing with me the day my Mother taught her how 
to make "Aunt Barb's"  Potato "Tater" Salad.

My Mother was and always will be one of the best cooks and bakers I will know.... 
She was simple yet very precise with her creative dishes. 
I had not made her potato salad for quite sometime, and decided to whip some together
for a small swim gathering and cook out.
Only problem is, I always make way too much..!!

What are your favorite summer time dishes...?


Cook desired amount of whole potatoes until tender, do not over cook, allow potatoes to cool
Hard Boiled Eggs
Salt/Pepper to taste (Optional)

Cut potatoes into cube size
Dice your celery and onion and mix gently with potatoes
Add sliced/diced eggs, again mixing gently
Add Mayonnaise, this amount will vary according to your own taste.  
The salad should be able to form a ball.
Chill for several hours before serving..


  1. this is how i make mine also, except no eggs, as i have a daughter allergic, i also add some celery seed, fresh ground black pepper and some dill, mmmmmmmmmmmm so good

  2. Sounds good...thats the great thing with salads, you can add your favorite ingredients and call it your own..!


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