Friday, August 6, 2010

100 Years And Still Going Strong

Happy 100th Birthday
Boy Scouts Of America..
This celebration is very near and dear to me 
and my family....

As a young child and sibling of two older brothers,
I learned very early the honor it was to be a part 
of an organization in which brought life learning skills
 to young boys as they climbed the
ranks to becoming a young man in the adventures of Scouting...

Although my brothers did not achieve the rank of Eagle,
the lesions and life skills learned are very much apart of who they are today...

Which is why I so encouraged my son at the tender age of 6
to join and take part in the boy scouting program...
I remember the very first meeting as the son/parent team.
His graduation from a Tiger Scout to a Cub Scout...
then on to Webelos..crossing the bridge into Boy Scouts and also Joining
a Venture Crew...

And making Eagle..!

Those years are some of the best years we shared as a family and I
wouldn't trade them for nothing...!!!

Help me in celebrating 100 years of scouting and remember
to support your local chapter of boy/girl scouts...

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