Thursday, August 19, 2010

Beach Theme Wedding Cake

This Summer my Dear Friend, Kathy and her family attended the Wedding
of Kathy's Niece in Massachusetts..
Although the Bride and Groom live in PA,
the groom is from Massachusetts and wanted to marry close to home with his family and freinds..

The wedding took place along the beautiful tranquil and serene beach of Mass...
The cake was made at a local bakery where the wedding was officiated,
with the spectacular decorations of shells and rocks made of chocolate..!!

When I first saw pictures of the cake, 
I was certain not all of the cake was edible....

I was reassured the cake was as scrumptious as it looks...

I wish I had more pictures to share,
however the Bride and Groom only had the pictures posted 
for a very short time to share...


  1. That cake is just incredible. WOW! I hope you had a great summer :)


  2. Jen..I only saved one pic, not realizing I wouldn't be able to access more to feature, I wish I had more because this one does not do it justice..My summer was good, family and friends came to PA this year, very nice and relaxing. Happy Fall..!


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