Friday, May 17, 2013

Sweet Smells Of Spring....

Today after doing errands that had been put down on the bottom of the priority list, I made a stop by Aunt Margie's home to see her Lilac Bushes in bloom.  Last Spring for her birthday, her request was to have a long row of Dwarf Lilac Bushes planted along the boarder of the lawn in front of her home, where she could look out her kitchen window and see them when they were in full bloom.  The first bush was gifted to her from my Son for her Birthday and then followed in a perfect straight line of 12 more.  When the bushes were planted last year, they were nothing more than a few long straggly thin branches.  The blooming Lilac bushes one year later are more than doubled in size and abundantly full of blooming flowers.  Unfortunately, Aunt Margie did not have a chance to see the Lilac's bloom before she passed.  But, I do believe she is smiling with much approval from above and that her hand has touched them.  

I snipped a few bunches before leaving, one from my Son's he had gifted and some from another to bring a little of Aunt Margie home with me.  The sweet smell of these Lilac's is absolutely amazing!  I'm hoping they last for a while, because I really like having Aunt Margie around :)

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