Saturday, May 11, 2013

Personalized Glasses

I found these awesome glasses with one word inscriptions on them, describing how Fabulous us Ladies are!
I took a black glass permanent marker and wrote individual names on the base of the glass.  The marker worked great!  I suggest you get a marker that needs to be cured in the oven to ensure the markings are permanent and will not rub of. 

I traced the bottom of the base and drew a line in the middle.  I then downloaded to my computer and opened in a photo site.  I use for most of my work.  I found the font I wanted to use and made templates for each name.  After each template was created I printed them and cut out.  I taped the template on the bottom of each glass and traced the name.  Let the ink dry for at least 8 hours before curing in the oven.  You cure for 45 mins in a cold oven, do not pre heat. Set oven at 375.  Open oven door and turn off oven, let glasses cool down in oven before removing.....

Templates taped to bottom of glass

Completion of tracing.

I gifted these glasses to my cousins at our most recent gathering...I also had cloth bags made for each glass and purchased round cardboard containers which the glasses fit perfect in for storage and easy carry.  I will post pictures of the entire package on another post.  I still have some to gift and did not want to show the final package and spoil the surprise...

My cousins with their personal glasses...they LOVED them!


  1. K, I love the glasses you bought and how you decorated them. You are so clever! I saw the last picture and I can see them holding their glasses, these will be a treasure for them because every time they fill their glass they are going to think of you!
    You are a hoot girlie!
    Happy Mother's Day tomorrow!
    Big Hugs,
    Tricia XO

  2. What a cute idea! I love how you personalized them.

  3. I like this very special.
    Great looking picture of all you gal cousins.


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