Sunday, June 10, 2012

Reunited and It Feels So Good...
Remember last year I posted my camera went missing?!
My little pocket camera I totally loved and took...EVERY WHERE!
If you missed the post, I had last seen or should I say....remembered having my camera at a July 4th gathering of friends.  I remembered having my camera and phone when I left and had gotten into the car.  After that night I had NO recollection of what or where I put the camera.  I had my phone, but No camera.  I searched all over the house and my car several times...Nothing!

With that said, it has been almost a year since I last saw that little gem, I was more upset due to the fact my son had gotten me the "black and pink" case for it....
 Today the search has ended!
I was getting ready to  have the first day of grilling and sun by the pool when I grabbed my pool bag to check if I had all my necessary essentials a woman needs within her reach while sunning..:)
when I opened the bag found this on top!!

Of  course it was inside it's little case of Black and Pink...
I think I actually gave out a loud yelp when I saw it..!

I have absolutely NO Idea how it found it's way inside my pool bag, 
but I'm not stressing over it any more!  

Happy Day..!! 

Here is a picture of a treat I made for some sweets by the pool after a delicious grilled steak dinner with some very good friends..!

White Cake with Strawberries and Butter Cream Frosting

Have a great week and until next time...
Be safe and have fun!



  1. Oh K. I remember that post. I am so glad you found your camera. I thought I heard a scream all the way down south!! (LOL) That cake looks delicious as all of your baking does. I am drooliing as I smell Mr. P's coffee perking and looking at that wonderful cake. Yep, even past 11, and he sleeps like a baby!! Have a great week, and hang on to that camera.

  2. Hey Angela...Can you believe I found my camera...??! Hope your week is going well and your enjoying this awesome summer! I'll be sure to keep my camera close and take lots of pics:)) K

  3. Hi Kathleen...goodness I think it has been eons since I'be been here...what a great find...I guess when we find a treasure we thought was gone we just shouldn't 2nd guess the 'why and where' - glad you have it now and I can relate to how it is special being the case was a gift from your son.


    1. Hey Karen...WOW, it has been a while since we last had a visit! I'm still overly thrilled I found I found the camera:) I had resorted to the fact it was gone forever...Have a fantastic Summer!!


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