Friday, June 22, 2012

June is the Wedding Month, so I'm told...

I was asked a few months back to make a Wedding Cake for the daughter of a long time friend.  At first I said...thanks, but NO thanks!  The last thing I needed was to have stress of being responsible of a Wedding Cake Creation..!  But my "friend" was relentless..!  And HER Daughter, too..I explained to them both, I can bake and cook, but a professional cake decorated, I am NOT!  I encouraged the bride to find someone within her budget who has more experience than I, that she would not hurt my feelings in anyway.  She insisted she wanted me to do the honors.  She did make it very easy in the fact her only want was the color Purple or Violet...whichever you want to call it.  She had no specifics on the design, only a three tier cake.  That being the one request she did indeed want, the cake Tiered.  When she shared her request of a tiered cake, I thought  it was my way out of not having to make  I explained to her since her wedding was an outside event in June I would not guarantee the cake to stay upright or in one piece.  Her response was, OK whatever you think will work.  Knowing how important your Wedding day is,  I repeatedly mentioned I would not be offended if  she found someone else and reminded her it was HER day and she should have what she wants...Right!?  I still had the job;/  I made two white and one chocolate cakes.  Shown above (I grabbed my cell for a quick pic) is the smallest of the three, the one the bride and groom take home to place in the freezer for one year and eat on their first Anniversary...I remember mine tasting like saw dust. 

The Wedding is tomorrow and with this heat wave we've had the past several days, I am so glad the cake is not a tiered cake..the cake stand I have is three different levels which will look just as beautiful as a stacked three tier cake.  Now my prayers, I get it delivered in one piece:))

Have a safe and fun weekend, my friends!


  1. K, How sweet of her to want you to make her wedding cake. You are a wonderful baker and I am sure that is why she wanted you to make it. That is such an honor. I am sure you will be able to get it there in one piece, I will keep my fingers crossed.
    I hope you take a picture and post it.

    Also, I LOVE your new header on your blog with those beautiful flower's.
    Good Luck,
    Tricia XO

  2. Great job! I am sure it will be beautiful and delicious!


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