Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Not A Mid-Life Crisis...

Today I did something I have been tossing around to do for quite awhile.
Actually...for several years

After seeing some of my 50-something girl friends doing the very thing I have hesitated to do,
I took the plunge today, along with a very good 50-something friend:)

Can you find something new and different!?

If you look very closely, you can see a very small diamond nose piercing..
I really did not know what to expect, but the procedure was very quick and not painful. 
We did our homework when deciding to have the piercing done, with that said
We opted to give "The Piercing Girl" in Lancaster a try.
I was very impressed with her professional approach and sterile technique.
Anyone can open a tattoo and/or piercing salon, no special training is needed and inspections are not usually done by the state or municipality the salon is located in.  This is not the case with Lancaster.  A yearly inspection is done at the location of business.  And like any inspection, if there are infractions they must be corrected or the business is in jeopardy of being closed for business. 
Trust me, I thoroughly read the inspection certificate on the wall..!

I did get "permission" per say from those important in my life...:)
before making the final decision. 

My thoughts are, if I get tired of can easily be removed. 

Thanks for stopping by and wish me luck that I don't accidentally pull this piercing out during my sleep:))



  1. K, first off you DON'T look like you turned 50 AT ALL. You are beautiful, I don't even see a wrinkle on your face, what the heck is your secert.
    You brave gal getting your nose pierced.
    Now you look like your in your 30's.
    Oh I also wanted to tell you the serum that you sent me for my hair, IT WORKS!!!!!!! I am jumping for joy and can't thank you enough. Finally my hair doesn't look frizzy!


    1. Tricia....All I have to offer is Good Skin Care and a Good Gene Pool:) I was brave! LOL....So glad to hear the Serum works...YAY! Let me know when you need some more..Enjoy the cooler temps and try to hid while all your renovations are going on...LOL Big Hugs to YOU!

  2. Happy Belated Birthday Beautiful Friend!
    You go girl I just love it!
    Blessings Trace

    1. Hi, Trace! My Bday is in July, turning 51..ouch! It's been a year of many 50 celebrations with friends. Thanks for stopping by and your kind words..! Hugs, K


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