Thursday, May 3, 2012

Miss Sophia Turned 1

 Miss Sophia is the Grand-daughter of my neighbor,
Her Mother, Jen would Babysit my son when he was young if I had to attend a 
meeting or for a short period of  time during the summers...
Sophia was a very long awaited blessing!!
Her parents were very anxious to start a family shortly after they married,
Jen had a very difficult time carrying a pregnancy past her first trimester.
After several years of planning and praying,
Miss Sophia blessed this world!

Sophia is one of the sweetest and cutest little girls..ever!

 Blow are a few pictures of her 1st Birthday Party..
Her "personal" Birthday Cake was one of the biggest I have ever seen for a first birthday,
and did she ever have fun trying to eat it all!

 Cell Phone Pictures....Forgot my camera:(

 Sophia and her Mother, Jen opening her gifts..

Look at that HUGE piece of Red Velvet Cake...
I ate the Whole Thing..!! Yes, I did!
I had to take a few breaks while eating it, but I managed..;)

I love 1st Birthday's...!

During the party Sophia's Grandparents were sharing their adventures looking for a Swing Set 
for Sophia to be kept at their house.  Grandpa works with wood and custom builds staircases for homes
with a price tag way above my imagination.  So, he was very particular when venturing out looking for an already constructed Set.  They were unable to find one they felt was well constructed for the price.  I took this opportunity to offer my Son's Swing Set that was custom built when we first built our home.  Since my son is now 24, we really have no need for, and when younger children do visit they prefer the swimming pool over the swing set....Today I came home early in the Evening to find the Swing Set...GONE! YAY...!!
We still have his "Fort" that needs to go or be taken down...I am thinking of putting an Ad in the News Paper for anyone who wants to pick up and have it for FREE!  It sure does look empty in the yard when I look out the kitchen window.  But, it's nice to know it will be enjoyed once again by someone very sweet and special....

Safe and Fun Week-End Peeps..!


  1. Hi K, Miss Sophia is such a sweetie. So cute. I am sure she is such a blessing to her parents after trying so hard for a child. That cake looks yummy, as well as that cupcake in your header!! I bet it was bittersweet seeing the swing set gone. You are such a sweet person to share it with the grandparents. At least you know it will be enjoyed by a precious little girl. Hope you have a wonderful weekend.

    1. Happy Friday, Angela! It was bitter sweet, I've been wanting to have the Swing Set taken down for a while...This "Patience" thing is really working out..LOL Things really do have a way coming to a good conclusion when one waits:) Have a Fantastic Weekend! Hugs..K

  2. Aww...she is adorable! I am sure it was a fun and special birthday! That cake looks so delicious. Red velvet is my favorite. I am sure the other little ones will enjoy the swingset. What a generous person you are. Have a good day!

  3. Happy Day, Holly..! I really am happy the Swing Set has been passed on to someone "special"....My Son was also equally happy to see it passed on to Jen's daughter, Sophia:) Have a Great Weekend..! "Hi, Darbee!"....Hugs, K


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